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Brizo Yachts crew

40 years of experience

The story begins in Porvoo, located nearby the Baltic Sea. At first there was only a metal industry company, Magnusson & Stoor, founded in 1979, which, however, started manufacturing boats very soon.


The first boat was already produced in the early 1980s and location close to the sea brought a lot of demand as a builder of work and pleasure boats made of aluminium.


This laid the foundation for Brizo Yachts today. Our history is based on solid know-how and long-term experience in metal expertise and metalwork for shipping.

Passionate precision from design to implementation

The founder of Brizo Yachts, Johnny Stoor, comes from a family of sailors, and boating has been present in his life since he was a child. Growing up on the coast and in the archipelago has made him familiar with the rugged waves and diverse conditions of the Baltic Sea.


Johnny had worked in the Magnusson & Stoors company founded by his father since he was a young boy and learned directly from the masters. The idea of his own boat collection slowly matured, and in 2011 it was time to take a step towards his own dream, and the first Brizo Yachts boat was completed the same year.

Brizo Yachts – Johnny Stoor

Johnny's passion is to create unique, well-equipped, durable and seaworthy yachts according to the customer's wishes, customized and finished down to the smallest detail. He enjoys designing and creating, problem solving and challenges, and is known for his accuracy and meticulousness throughout the process. The most rewarding thing for him is when the boat is finished and the customer is satisfied. After all, that's the main thing.

Our goal is always to say
“Yes, it is possible”.

- Johnny Stoor

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